Breaking Down The Syma X5C Explorer Quad

Today we’re going to be talking about the Syma X5C Explorer Quadcopter. Now, everything in front of you will be included in this box, so let’s check out what we have. This is the Syma transmitter that comes with this unit. It is 2.4 gigahertz and 4 channels. Now, it comes with multiple functions that can control everything about the quadcopter, ranging from the camera to aerial flips. Here’s the actual quadcopter unit that will come with this box. The camera is already pre-installed on the battery case down here, and it comes with 4 LED lights that blink orange and green.


The thing about the Symax X5C is that it’s the perfect little quad to start learning how to fly without worrying about damaging anything or breaking the bank in the event that drone flying isn’t for you. (I mean, that’s rare, but it could happen I suppose!) It’s the perfect ‘try it before you really dive into it’ quadcopter that will allow you to start today on your drone flying adventure. No building, no hassle, you just pick it up and go.


The only thing you’ll have to install is the propeller guards which will have to be installed by yourself, but Syma has the cover. They provide you a cute little screwdriver here. It comes with a USB card reader for the memory card in the camera. It’s a 2 gigabyte memory card, and it will film about 30 minutes of video footage. Here’s the battery charger through USB, and because the battery doesn’t last too long, I recommend an extra battery in addition to the 500mAh battery that comes with this package. I typically include a 650mAh battery so that you can at least double your airtime.


I also recommend to have an extra set of propellers just so that if you accidentally wreck one of these, you will be able to quickly replace them and go out and have fun again. Right now, I’m going to actually take this guy out. X5C is actually available on Amazon right now, and thanks for reading.


We’ve clocked in approximately 30 hours with the Syma so far (and the kids are enjoying it even more… so they might have racked up more hours on it) and I suspect it will make it into our toys hall of fame.